Cod fishing as the sun comes up

Great clip Jason Wilhelm, there is nothing better than being on the water Cod fishing as the sun comes up. It’s one of the best places in the world and it’s great to share it with mates.

Short Cod edit of our recent trip to the Dumarseq River with Kris, Jay and Nathan. Nothing like spending a couple of sessions on the water with great friends, a river full of iconic natives and the smell and sounds of Australia’s western landscape. Bassman Spinnerbaits and Jackall Australia Pompadours, Chibartrels and Gantarels were the stand out lures by a mile on this trip, make sure you drop in and see the boys at Fish ‘N’ Bits Bait & Tackle’ Toowoomba if your heading for a Cod fish, they have a massive range of the above mentioned lures along with a huge range of other quality Cod lures. They can also give you up to date info on what locations are fishing well. Cant wait for the next mission. Make sure you click on the HD icon to watch in HD.